Thursday, 12 July 2018 14:55

Samfés - Stuck Together Festival

Samfés is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1985 working with young people and youth workers nationwide with over 120 youth club members in Iceland.

The music festival SamFestingurinn, Stuck Together is a two-day festival and is an annual event, the biggest one that Samfés organizes every year in Laugardalshöll since 1991. On Friday, the Youth council of Samfés choose their favourite celebrity Icelandic artists to perform and also young bands and DJ´s have the opportunity to perform on the big stage in front of their peers. The singing contest takes place on the second day of the festival and is always live on the national television RÚV. The thirty contestants that perform will have competed and won in local and regional preliminary contests in advance of the national event. In the singing contest jury, we have former winning participants and some of these are now famous singers and performers. The venue for the event is Laugardalur Sports Park in the heart of Reykjavík.  The hall is used for all major indoor sporting events, handball, basketball and athletics, as well as for other events, concerts and trade shows.

Samfés starts to plan and organise the Stuck Together Festival in September for the event to take place in the beginning of March. We send all youth clubs the first information by email in the beginning of January. The ticket sales are regulated by the number of young people in the youth club or municipality and also by how many tickets had been ordered last year. Samfés sends out to all members a portion of the total amount of tickets available, which is 4,500. The rule of thumb is that all youth clubs can send around 30% of the young people in the club. All staff in the Festival need to be registered and active in the youth club so that they know the young people and also because of insurance reasons.

After the online registration for clubs attending Samfés makes a work schedule with specific tasks for all 350 staff members for both days. All staff wear special festival t-shirts and identification cards. We have a special safety guard who takes care of all necessary safety preparations and tasks. Also, we have nurses on duty both days, a special team for youth who have some minor problems and also we have a special mobility team which also patrols the outside of the arena during the festival. Police are notified about the festival. All youth clubs have to arrive together in a bus at a scheduled time and after the festival they all have to leave together with the bus. All tickets are numbered and we have a list of what youth club has each numbers in case we have to contact or notify staff or parents.

This is the biggest Samfés event and its always sold out with 4,500 youngsters, aged 13-16 years old attending from all over the country. The attendance is representive of 30% of the youth population between 13-16 years old in all of Iceland. 

During the Stuck Together festival there is a special project running called “Young technicians” where young people can apply to be trainees, helpers during the festival. They have the opportunity to work with and learn from the experts that are in charge of the setup, sound and lighting during the event.

Next year the SamFestingurinn will take place on the 22nd-23nd of March so why not come and visit us. You can watch how we got on this year at the link below.