Friday, 23 March 2018 12:00

Youth Cymru - Big Music Event

On Saturday the 17th February, Youth Cymru hosted a Big Music Live Event at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. This event was a celebration of all of the great achievements that young people all over the UK have accomplished down to opportunities presented by them by The Big Music Project.

The Big Music Project is a funded project, run by Global Radio and UK Youth in partnership. It has specialised in running training schemes, creating work opportunities, and breaking barriers for young people who are looking to achieve a future career in the creative industries.

The day started early, with all of the stalls and stage setting up from 9am. To kick-start, a short briefing was given to all of the volunteers and Big Music Project Champions, letting them know what was to be expected of the day ahead. Some young people would be taking part in workshops, some performing on the Glanfa Stage, and others involving themselves in the social media and production side of the event, helping out with stage management and artist liaison. This was an exciting new venture for some of the young people; being able to explore a different aspect of events management which they may not have had any experience in before.

There was a big variety in stalls at the events. From hub stalls who were promoting and exhibitioning all of the hard work they have done with their young people for The Big Music Project, to industry stalls such as Cinema and co, Big Ideas Wales, Heads above waves, and many more, who were there to provide information and advice to people interested in getting involved in certain aspects of the creative industries.

The workshops included Songwriting, DJing workshops from AKMA, Radio, a SuperChoir, and an MC’s Rap Battle. In addition to this range of activities, there was also a rock jamming room which was on throughout the most of the day, giving budding young musicians from all abilities the chance to enhance develop their musical skills and work in an ensemble with others. There were also other less practical, educational workshops such as “Becoming a Music Promoter”, and PRS “Rights around Music”, which let the young people engage their minds and take part in open discussions, making them more aware of the different factors that go into music and arts production.

The Glanfa Stage was running all day, allowing the general public to view all of the amazing performances from the young artists on stage. The room was filled with the beaming faces of proud parents and youth workers who watched in awe as their young people overcame hurdles and exhibitioned their talents onstage. There was a massive range of different genres of performance, from musical theatre, to DJing, to Breakdancing. Fusion was joined by James (a young person from Georgetown Youth Club) in co-hosting the event. Many said that it was amazing to see how well they worked together, and how many skills young people can learn from industry professionals. The good work of the Big Music Project was highlighted here, and this really came to life on stage.

Hub workers said that their young people felt amazing and left the event on a high, because they had done something new and stepped out of their comfort zone. They got to meet big influencers such as Fusion, create song lyrics, perform on stage, take part in interviews, and experience a different side of the creative industries through volunteering.

The Big Music Event Live captured a strong essence of community and creativity for all of those who were involved. Many people were able to network with others and get work opportunities, performance opportunities, and new contacts to help them create pathways into the industry.

These young people will also be able to develop their skills even further and get involved with Youth Cymru’s music festival, Introfest 2018. See you all there!


Anna Arrieta – Big Music Project Intern