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“JAM“. No, that is no ordinary jam! This is a competition of young music groups. It was organized las year by the Lithuanian Children and Youth centre in collaboration with “nArauti“club.

As much for the first time, it was very successful: 9 collectives from all around Lithuania took part, 39 people stood on stage, and 36 music pieces were performed - all this only during the selection round! Six groups were invited to the finals, and their performances were topped by the guest group „Black biceps“, a rising music star.

Since the competition was open, participants and their performances varied greatly. Musicians were 14-37 years old. Music styles ranged from reggae, jazz, original songs, to alternative rock, punk rock and even heavy metal.

The jury was also an interesting bunch: Vilija Matačiūnaitė, a former participant of Eurovision contestant, Valius Klimavičius, a member of hip-hop group Z on A, Kazimieras Likša, a master of acoustic music, and Aurimas Šernas, one of the organizers behind the VAROM! festival. (By the way, the winner of our competition, in addition to the monetary prize, got to perform at VAROM).

The jury commission had a hard time choosing one winner but after thorough discussions and voting “Inside Black”, a group of heavy music, won the “JAM” competition.

Unlimited age of participants and a chance for the unknown groups to play in front of professional musicians is an exclusive feature of the “JAM” music contest.

This year “JAM” takes place again. More competing groups, wider variety of songs and styles, louder crowd of supporters and more positive emotions are expected.

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