Other Actvities

Here is a list of some sample activities that the project partners have run in their youth clubs and projects which might help inspire you.


An ongoing music competition over a few weeks where bands/musicians go head to head in the youth centre each weekend with winning acts moving on to the next round.
The young people can play originals or covers but it must be acoustic.


A one day, 24-hour event where young people remained in the youth centre. Young people worked with music tutors from BIMM Institute Dublin on song writing and musicianship.
Random bands were created, and they had to perform a cover and write an original son. The bands performed in the youth centre that night on front of the group. For non-performers, there were poets for writing lyrics and other workshops for those who may not be able to play an instrument.

Samba Group

Using the services of a local drum instructor and sourcing the samba drums from an educational resource organisation, this group took part in a few events including local St. Patrick's Day Parades. This project was a great leveller and took in young people from all socio-economic backgrounds and cultures.

Song Writing

Bringing in local song writing tutors and musicians, this was a one-day event (that has happened three times) which offered the young people for young people to learn about song writing skills and also meet like-minded young people.

Music Sessions

Organised by young people in the project, a music session takes place every 4-6 weeks where young musicians can come in to the project and could perform for and meet other young people.

Youth Beatz

An interactive free event for young people aged 12 – 25 years to have fun, take part and be better informed. This event takes place annually at Dock Park in Dumfries, Scotland.


Exchange is a national day event for young musicians to perform their music, and take part in music industry panel discussions and workshops. Past events have had specialist workshops and interviews from well-known professionals.

Open Space Showcase

Open Space is a showcase initiative gives young performers an opportunity to perform a prepared piece in front of a live audience. Performances can be anything, and tend to include dance, drama, live music and stand-up comedy. It’s a space for young people to come and express themselves creatively, challenge themselves and receive feedback from their peers.
Showcase May 2016:


Domino is an issue-based drama piece devised by young people, and performed to groups of young people across Northern Ireland. The young people that star in the performance took part in workshops to explore issues that face young people around mental health and wellbeing. They devised a 20-minute performance piece exploring these issues, and wrote a supplementary workshop to further explore the issues that arise in the performance. The initiative is very focused on young people and has received extremely positive feedback, with people commenting on how important it is to explore these issues in a creative way.
The cast themselves host the workshops post-performance with other young people.
Some Clips of Domino:

Intergenerational Project

Intergenerational Music Projects are a great way to bring young and old people together, creating and playing music. This leads to learning from each other and helping to bridge the gap between generations. This results in greater respect and understanding between generations and builds communities and develops social cohesion.
Approach local elderly community groups around the interest in planning a project between the groups – it is important to think of a timeline, will this be a once off, will it run for a few weeks?
It is important to give the group some time to spend together before jumping straight into programmes.
Discuss interests of groups and how they can work together.

Things to think about:

  • Will it be a big choir/group together?
  • Will there be smaller groups mixed together between elder and younger? Will they cover music, write their own music?
  • Is it about sharing musical interests and a discussion of how it has changed over time?

Traditional Music Workshops

  • Is there a traditional type of music in your country? What do the young people know about traditional music? Have your young people from other countries and cultures? Doing a traditional music workshop could be a great culture sharing event!

Tips and Ideas

  • Work in partnership with a professional organisation or local traditional musicians. Develop various taster workshops for young people so that they can be introduced to the different styles of music with the partner organisations.
  • Work on song writing and how folk music fits into modern music.
  • Plan a folk music event with guest musicians and young people performing.

Music Mentoring/ Masterclasses

Are there local musicians or organisations who could do a masterclass with the young people? Could young people involved in music for some time be mentors for young people just getting started? Could you offer song writing workshops? Recording? Equipment tech?

Radio Station / Podcast

Could you link up with local radio stations for young people to get the experience of being in studio? Are you able to start recording and producing your own Podcasts?

PR Workshops

Are there local papers you could speak with about press release writing tips? Are there any universities near you that offer Journalism / PR related courses? Students are a great way to get the message across as they are knowledgeable!

Charity Events

Is there an opportunity to link in with local charities for events they may be running? Many organisations have anniversaries, fundraising events or Christmas music sessions!
Can you run an event for your own project?

Pop Up Workshops

Are you able to provide workshops to other youth groups, organisations or schools? For example, if you are equipped to run a song writing workshop.

Young people making a video

DD8 Music in kirriemuir delivers fantastic music project and capture these on video. Here is a link to The Big Music live event in Stirling where youth workers and young people captured the event https://youtu.be/d8TZJdAkYcE

Running a music project

DD8 created this video as part of their Big Music project: https://youtu.be/qauzd3sVECE They worked as team creating the video and with support from youth workers they recorded across the town.