Karaoke Workshop


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 30+ mins
  • Skills: Knowledge of songs
  • Materials: Games console with mics and karaoke game OR Laptop with internet connection – if possible a projector or HDMI connection to a TV, speakers.
  • Outcomes: Young people get the opportunity to perform, build confidence performing in public, have fun and improve group dynamics.


Option 1

Set up your games console with mics and game.

The game will come pre-loaded with songs. Young people can battle against each other for points on the game, or can sing together for fun!


Option 2

Set up your laptop and connect to a projector and speakers or TV (if possible). Go to www.youtube.com and search for songs to sing.

When you are searching for a song, enter the word "karaoke" afterwards and the karaoke version available on YouTube will come up.


Have fun!



An Alternative way to do this activity without the points is using You Tube.