Guess the Lyrics


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 5-10 mins
  • Skills: Knowledge of Songs
  • Materials: Playlist of popular songs (with lyrics), paper, pens, Stereo/Laptop
  • Outcomes: Everyone listens to music! Regardless of music abilities, all can be involved. Inclusive of all music genres so everyone can be involved! Good for Memory too!


  • Each young person is given paper and a pen. (Can also be played in teams).
  • The leader starts to play the music for about 5-15 seconds and then stops.
  • The players must write down the lyrics which follow. If more than 2 words of the lyrics are wrong, the player won’t get any points.
  • Continue through the playlist for a few rounds.
  • For the last round, you could have a battle between the highest scoring teams/people.