• Age: Any
  • Time: 10-30+ mins (depends on group)
  • Skills: None
  • Materials: Music to play or some instruments
  • Outcomes: warms up the bodies, relaxes atmosphere, activates listening and kinetic comprehension


  • While the group leader plays some music, all participants are walking around the room.
  • Three kinds of sound queues are set, for example: (1) music stops, (2) a bell is rang while the music
    continues, (3) group leader shouts "STOP".
  • With every sound queue, an assigned movement has to be performed. For example, when the music
    stops, all participants quickly lay down on the ground and resume walking as the music resumes; with the ring of a bell the participants jump in the air and resume walking immediately aftewards; with the group
    leader's call all partcipants stop for a moment and resume walking.
  • Variation1: participants divide into groups. The same queues are assigned different movement responses
    for each group. For example, a ring of the bell means "jump" for one group, "stop" for the other group and
    "drop - lay down" for the third group.