Improvisation game


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 10-30+ mins (depends on group)
  • Skills: None
  • Materials: None
  • Outcomes: Good way to get to know each other using music and improves group dynamic.


The game of musical-improvisation helps to develop your imagination and not to be afraid to improvise with your voice by using various means of vocal expression (pitch of the voice, whispering, shouting, singing in any style, etc.).

Everyone sits in the circle. A volunteer sits in the middle and tells his/her name. Let’s say it is Tomas. He closes his eyes. Everyone sitting in the circle starts improvising by using any means of vocal expression and by creating their sounds from the name “Tomas”, for example “ommmmmm, , ssssss, tomtomtomtomtom, Tttttttt, Ta-a-a-a-ass”. Without any conductor, the circle has to feel the common dynamics of what’s being created and also to finish at the same time. At the end, the person who was sitting in the center should tell what emotions and visions came to him/her during the improvisation with his/her name.