Frog in Your Throat


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 15-45 mins (depends on group size)
  • Skills: Knowledge of song lyrics
  • Materials: None
  • Outcomes: Inclusive of all singing abilities. Inclusive of all music genres.


How to

  1. Split your group into smaller teams – whatever you think is suitable.
  2. Each group must come up with a song to perform and sing part of in front of the group – but there is a catch. They must perform this song as badly as possible.
  3. Young people are given time to decide their song and how they will perform.
  4. Take turns in performing songs and enjoy!

*Note: This is a great activity for breaking down barriers between groups who may not know each other, or who may be nervous about performing. As they are aiming to perform badly, it does not matter who is the best singer or performer, it’s about having fun!