Spots in Movement


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 10–20 minutes
  • Materials: Large open space for a lot of movement and possibly some running around, Speakers and phone with music or a hi-fi with speakers
  • Outcomes: Music helps to create a pleasant atmosphere for playing games, and it also helps participants to express themselves more spontaneously. Music doesn’t play the main role in this game but it makes a rather simple game more interesting.
  • Group Size: 10 or more participants



How to play

The participants move freely around the room while some music is played in the background. The facilitator stops the music and asks the participants to do an immediate task. For example: “Everyone must shake hands with as many people as possible in the next 10 seconds”. The group members must immediately perform the task. When the music starts again, participants return to moving around the room until the next instruction is given

The tasks can be tailored towards a particular theme of the activity or abilities of the participants. This exercise can also be used as a way of dividing participants into groups of a particular size.

Example tasks:

  • Shake hands with as many people as possible
  • Touch the 4 walls of the room
  • Get into a group of people with the same hair (or eye) colour as you
  • Get into groups of the same month of birth
  • Get into groups of 4 and make one fly
  • Get into groups of 3 and share expectations

Tip: Since the exercise can involve some fast movements, attention should be paid to the safety of the participants. The tasks can be tailored to take into account anyone with mobility problems or other disabilities.