The Plank


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 15–30 mins
  • Materials: A plank or chalk to draw a line, line of chairs or rope and blindfolds (optional)
  • Group Size: 10–50 players



The Plank is one of the games that are based on the idea of an imaginary line or a real one drawn on the floor. In these types of games group members have to find their right position in the line while obeying certain rules. In this game the players have to organise themselves by their length. This game has many variations and it is very easy to figure out more.

How to play

Players step on a long plank (or line drawn on the floor) and are not allowed to step off the plank at any time. They now have to organise themselves to a line (on the plank) from the tallest person to the shortest. If someone falls off the plank, they have to start again.
The group can be asked to organise themselves alphabetically by first name, or by their age. This can be made more difficult by not allowing players to speak, or by blindfolding some of the participants.