Rap My Name


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 10-30+ mins
  • Skills: Ability to create a beat
  • Materials: Paper, pens, app or website for making a beat or a table/cajon
  • Outcomes: Practicing basic song writing skills and performing in front of others. Inclusive of all writing/singing abilities


  • Young people are given a piece of paper and a pen and ask them to write a rap starting “Hey, I’m *name* and I like *thing/action*“. It can be 2 - 4 lines or however long they wish E.g. 1: Hey I’m Josh and I like to sing, it sounds croaky in the morning, but I am the king”
  • g. 2: Hey I’m Ava and I like the colour blue, it makes me happy, so what you gonna do?” Using the software/app/website, generate a rhythmic beat – this can be as simple as using a metronome app if you want a steady beat. The person rapping should decide how quickly they want the beat to be (beats per minute = BPM). If you have a young person creating the beat, they can discuss what sort of beat they wish to have.
  • Note: You could have the same consistent beat for all Young People
  • Each young person performs their rap in front of the group adapting to the beat Note*: You could have a short workshop about beat and rhythm in a song if you are knowledgeable in this area

NOTE: www.beatlab.com is a free, simple to use website for creating a beat