Song Contest


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Organisational, event management
  • Materials: Music equipment, computer
  • Outcomes: Opportunity for young people to perform, gain confidence and develop skills such as team work, event management etc.


Why do this?
A song contest is a step further from Open Mic Events (page 32) where you add a competitive aspect to it. Song Contests could be useful as fundraising events or to bring young people into the project

It is important to think of the logistics of a song contest: Dates, venues and age range;
Do you have the right equipment, or will the venue provide it; Will it be a one-off event or will there be qualifying rounds?
Will there be different categories based on age, music style, solo vs band? Finding suitable judges with a background in different areas and styles of music;
Have you a core team of young people to help with running it, responsible for tech, marketing, outreach, front of house, MC etc.;
Are you going to have prizes?
Are you going to sell tickets for the event? How?

Important documents to create
Audition Forms for young people entering;
Posters, flyers, and Social Media promo, as well as local news outlets; Programme / Booklet for the event.

Tips on how to plan an event or showcase -
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