Open Mic Event


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Organisational, Music & Tech
  • Materials: Space for event, computer (for planning), PA System (if in youth hub)
  • Outcomes: Doing events is a good way to raise awareness of your project, as well as opportunities for young people to develop skills and perform!


Why do this?
Open Mic events provide an opportunity for musicians to gain experience performing to a live audience. Open Mic events also give the performer the opportunity to perform whatever genre of music they wish!

How To

Planning and consultation with young people is a key first step. You will need to:

  • Decide on a date and time.
  • Decide on a venue.
  • Decide on scale – will it just be acoustic/backing track set up, have you the possibility for full band etc. (this might depend on what resources you have).
  • Assign job roles such as tech team, publicity team etc.

Book the space for the event (if required).
Publicise the event and have young people sign up for it.
Think about what networks and outlets you have e.g. local media, social media etc. is a free website for making posters, Facebook banners etc.
Coordinate the plan for the day - have you a sound engineer? Do you need buckets? Are you charging in, do you need change? Do you need to organise a PA system and instruments Etc.
On the day you will need:
An MC - this is a great opportunity for young people to develop public speaking skills.
Tech Team - sound engineers, "roadies" to help with on stage.
Welcoming Team - taking money, doing sign in (if needed), welcoming people.

Tip - Open Mic Events are a good opportunity to do some fundraising - charging a small fee such as 3€/£ to see the event can generate money for the project.

Footage of YANI Open Mic Night -
Tips on how to plan an event or showcase -