Flash Mob


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Organisational, Music, Dance
  • Materials: Music/ musical instruments, Rehearsal Space, computer (for planning)
  • Outcomes: Doing events is a good way to raise awareness of your project, as well as opportunities for young people to develop skills and perform!


What is a Flash Mob?
A Flash Mob occurs when people assemble in a public, usually predetermined place to perform some brief action (for example where they take a song and dance to it in the same choreography) and then quickly disperse. Here is an example of people doing a Flash Mob in Shannon Airport, Co. Clare, Ireland:

How To

  • Decide what the Flash Mob activity will be – a dance, an impromptu music session, a theatrical performance etc.
  • Decide on songs for the performance.
  • If you will be performing a dance, someone will need to choreograph it and dance rehearsal will need to be scheduled.
  • If you are performing a music session, band practice will need to be scheduled. Arrange the date and location.
  • Note* depending on the size of your Flash Mob and location, you may need prior permission from the Gardaí/Police or management of the location where you will perform the Flash Mob.
  • Practice, practice, practice! A good flash mob is well organised and runs effectively through weeks of practice and preparation!

Flash Mobs can take up an extreme amount of preparation, time and work.
It is important that all participants involved know what their tasks and requirements are and that they are committed to the entire duration of preparing for the flash mob.