• Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Creativity
  • Materials: Magazines, internet access, clothing, face paint/makeup
  • Outcomes: Image of an act is important to show who they are! Creative expression and artistic skills.


Why do this?
All bands have an image which they use to express themselves and with which their fans can identify. It is important to discuss and decide on the desired image of the band which further enhances the message of the music.

Look at music magazines or online to get inspiration from other bands to have common makeup, hairstyle, clothing or accessories in their band.

Consider your look carefully:
Put thought into it! The image represents the band and their sound – it should be consistent and complementary! It is important to make sure your look isn’t disconnected from the sound!
It is good to have signature elements that will identify the band, but choose wisely! If wearing masks or makeup is part of the overall style, make sure it is original and serves some purpose!
Don’t be something you are not! Be you, do you. Don’t try a look or style that’s just not for you if you think it will work!

After finding your image, taking photos is a good activity for the
band/act! Check out our photo shoot activity – Johnny thinking this could link back to the other activity