How to use Bandhub


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Singing/Playing instrument, playing along with a track
  • Materials: Instrument, computer with internet, webcam, microphone optional but encouraged
  • Outcomes: Experience in playing with others, grasp on how tracks work together while recording



Bandhub is a website for musicians to work together and create collaborative versions of songs, either popular or original. It is remarkably easy to create an account and find other people to play with.

-Visit and create an account and fill in your profile. Choose your main instrument (you can add others in later) and add anyone that you already know. Add bands you like so that Bandhub can offer suggestions to get you started. Once your profile is created, you can always add to it or make changes by hitting the profile button in the top right.  

-Once you have an account, take a look around the site to get a feel for it. Basically, someone will publish the beginning of a collab they’ve started and request specific tracks. Other people can then submit these tracks until the song is complete.

-If you want to join someone else’s collab, find one that matches your interest and ability, download the track, and record yourself playing/singing along with it. Bandhub has its own recording system, but you can easily download and run it. You can use the base webcam and microphone on your computer, or you can attach your own for better quality. Headphones are necessary to listen to the track as you go. Once you’ve recorded it, just upload it and you’re part of the collab.

-If you want to create your own, add a backing track (typically a karaoke version) so that people can play along. Record yourself playing on a track and upload it. Then select what you want other people to add (choose options that would make sense for the song, but you can always make stylistic choices) and publish to let people join in.

-As people add to the song, the music video will include their recordings so that you’ll have a complete song with a virtual band.