Shooting your music video without audio (using a phone) Featured


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Materials: Computer, Modern Smart Phone, Paper, Pens
  • Outcomes: Encourages young people to think visually about what message they want to communicate with their music


There are lots of free tools to use when filming media on your phone. In this exercise we will concentrate on shooting your video on a mobile without audio - For audio, we recommend using a track you have already recorded.
Please remember you need a modern smartphone for this exercise to work.

Make a plan on what’s going in the video?

Have a look on YouTube for music videos you like but remember you are doing this with no budget, but ideas are the back bone of any good video

Do a script for your video.

A script shows the running order of what’s on screen i.e. the order things go in. Work as a group and then collectively vote on ideas. Participation is key!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Put a plan in place this is where you decide the when, where and how. This will produce a shoot plan of when everything happens. Check your equipment! Check your battery is charged and that you have enough space free to use.

Shooting on a phone

  • Remember shooting on a phone has some limitations such as audio. We would recommend you don’t rely on the audio on your phone to use for the video.
  • Make sure when shooting on your phone you don’t film into the light always make sure the light is behind you.
  • If you can't afford a tripod to hold the camera you could use a selfie stick if you don’t have these make sure to hold your phone tight and don’t shake it while shooting.
  • Make sure you film all the footage as landscape.
  • Break your plan into sections or scenes and shoot each separately.

Check your plan

Make sure to transfer all your footage onto a computer and make two copies of it. Check all your footage is shot to the plan and if so, you have shot your video.


You can always use some footage you already have maybe footage of a gig or an event?

Music Video Tips

  • Make a budget. Knowing how much money you have at your disposal beforehand can help ensure you don't go over budget – This could be no budget!
  • Keep a notebook because you want something to gather your thoughts, take down notes, and sketch scenes.
  • Listen to the song and refine your ideas with your band members. How does it make you feel? Does it make you happy, sad or act silly?
  • Scout shooting locations and create a storyboard.
  • Find your crew. You will need a director, videographer, gaffer, sound man, grip, props, continuity, dancers, singers and choreographer.
  • Set the stage, camera and start shooting. Transfer your video to a computer.
  • Edit the video. Use your best material and lay the music track over the footage. Add the title and credits if desired.


A storyboard is a plan of what’s on screen and what happens – see attached template but please feel free to use your own, remember creativity is key!


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