Photo Shoot


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Knowledge of a camera/phone
  • Materials: Camera or Phone, Computer
  • Outcomes: Great activity for team building as you can assign different roles depending on size of group. Will help with communicating their image, creativity and it's fun!


  • Make a list of pictures you would like to take:
  • E.g. Consult with young people and make a list of shots that you’d like to try. Scout locations:
  • E.g. Inside vs. Outside, woods, graffiti background, pier etc. Decide on the equipment you will use:
  • E.g. A phone? A camera? A go-pro? Do you need extra lighting? Assign jobs:
  • E.g. Who will be photographer, do you need a makeup artist? Etc.
  • Pick a specific date for the shoot and allow enough time for preparation.
  • After the photo shoot, make sure to transfer the photos onto a computer to back them up. Choose the photos that you like best!


Things to consider

  • Would a practice shoot or multiple shoots help?
  • Do we know the best settings to use on the camera?
  • Do we want to use photo editing software? What is available?



  • If you have an hour to photograph a band, spend the first while spending time with them and shoot for the second part. Get to know the band, their dynamic and personalities. If you, and the band, are relaxed, you'll get better pictures.
  • When you are shooting, always be on the lookout for nice opportunities between the sets, if the group is small enough you might get some keepers from these shots. A second shooter would come in handy here.
  • Think carefully about the composition of your photos. Photographing more than one or two people can be hard. Before you take the pictures, think about the positioning of the photo. When it comes time to shoot, take as many different shots as you can
  • you can never have too many to choose from. When composing a photo, split the frame into thirds, and remember that the eye is drawn to circles and triangles.
  • Always try and use natural light.
  • Spend time getting to know your equipment.
  • Use a high resolution when taking photos. This will use up more memory, but it can also give you much more detail and if you want to use photo editing software, working with a high resolution gives you many more options.
  • Don't be scared to use photo editing software. It can be lots of fun, and if you don't get the perfect image you can manipulate your pictures until you do.
  • A good live shot can be a useful addition to a press pack, but it isn't a replacement for a good staged band photo.