Communicate online: Website / Blog Featured


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Materials: Computer, Internet Access, Paper, Pens
  • Outcomes: Empowers young people to develop communication skills and gets them to look at how they communicate their message.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on plans.
  3. Select “Free” and click start under this option.
  4. You will then go through six set up screens (You can find tutorials on YouTube for this!).
    These are:
    A – What is your website about?
    B – Further explain what your website is about.
    C – Sample of homepage layouts.
    D – Sample of themes (looks).
    E – Pick a domain name - this should reflect the content you are making – Before you fill this in think what is the site for?
    F – Make sure over the next two options you select free again.
    G – Set up your password and email login.
    H – Confirm your password.

– You will be going for a free blog, so once everything is filled out, click on Create Blog. J – An email will be sent to your account in the next 30 minutes, once it arrives, click on the link to activate your blog. Then it’s just a matter of posting!
You can now use this actively to get young people to map their journey through the project and to also promote the work they do.


This sample course will look at how we use online media to communicate our message. Having an online presence is essential to any project these days and can also act as a way to showcase promote and recruit new people to your project. In this exercise we will look at how to set up a WordPress blog.
WordPress is a free to use piece of software that lets you set up a blog i.e. a space where you can share information like photos, videos or event information