Communicate online: Youtube


  • Age: Any
  • Time: Ongoing
  • Skills: Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Materials: Computer, Internet Access, Paper, Pens
  • Outcomes: Having a strong online presence is a great way to communicate your message and YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to support this.


  • Open your internet browser and go to
  • On the top right click “sign in”. Note*. To create a YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account – this can be done using emails that are not “”.

Next you have two options:

  1. You can choose to use an existing Google account – sign in and YouTube will have an account made for you.
  2. Click the “add account” option, followed by “create account”. Here you will create the Google account using details specific to the project – Note* you do not have to use a person’s name – you could use it for the band/ group name e.g. Bridge Music Project.

Try any action that requires a channel, such as uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist and if your channel is not activated, this will prompt you on how to create one.

If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Brand Account that you manage, choose the account from the list e.g. your own name brand. Otherwise, choose "Create a new channel" to set up a channel with a different name than your Google Account name. Fill out the details to create your new channel.

Additional Comment:

Putting up a YouTube Channel is a great way to express yourself and let people around the world hear your music.

You can sing, dance and play an instrument. Play your own music or covers. You can advertise your band or just put up music videos just for fun.

Resource to include: