Designing a logo or band cover


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 30 - 60 Mins
  • Skills: Basic Computer Knowledge Materials: Computer, Internet Access, Paper, Pens, Graphic Design Software (e.g. GIMP)
  • Materials: NA
  • Outcomes: Having a good visual look for your band is important in conveying the bands message or style.


  • Workshop the name
    • This can be done by thinking what type of act or band the group is. Look online at existing styles of music like yours, what type of names are used and styles.
  • Logo Samples
    • Google a few logo samples of different acts and see what way they are designed to start a discussion around possible ideas. Then give each member a sheet of paper to try put their name or design ideas down by drawing outlines.
  • Identify what software you can use
    • There is free to use software like GIMP which can be downloaded and used free of charge. There are tutorials for reference on how to use it at
  • Collective team work
    • Get each young person to open GIMP and try developing their ideas through the software.
  • Presenting
    • Ask each young person to present their idea to the class and then discuss which best represents the band or album design.


In this exercise we would recommend you workshop the design as a group. You can do this by presenting some of existing styles or tones to your group of young people.