Introduction to the Partners

This section will give you an overview of the youth music educational programmes that each of the partners that are involved in this project run or are involved in the coordination of. We hope this section inspires you.


Youth Work Ireland's Irish Youth Music Awards is an all island youth music educational programme for young people aimed at creating teamwork and friendship at local level as well as creating spaces for young musicians and bands to perform and learn new skills within the creative and music industries with direct links to these industries through educational supports. The Irish Music Awards (IYMAs) works with over 304 youth clubs and over 150 projects in communities all over the Island of Ireland as well as partnering with other youth services across Ireland including Youth Action Northern Ireland, Crosscare and CDYSB. The IYMAs has grown to become Youth Work Ireland’s biggest all island, flagship youth music educational programme.

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The Stuck Together festival is a two-day event that is held annually in Laugardalshöll, one of the largest Sport and Exhibition centres in Reykjavík. This is the biggest Samfés event and it has taken place under this name every year since 2004. But under another name Samfés has held this event since 1991. In the last few years, about 4,500 adolescents, aged 13-16 years old have attended from all over the country and the event is always sold out. This represents around 30% of the youth population 13-16 years old in Iceland. On Friday, the Youth council of Samfés has chosen their favourite celebrity artists to perform and also young bands and DJ´s have the opportunity to perform on the big stage in front of their peers. The singing contest is always live on the national television RÚV. The contest jury is made up of former winning participants who now are famous singers and performers.
During the Stuck Together festival, there is a special project called “Young technicians” where young people can apply to be trainees and helpers during the festival. They have the opportunity to be with, help out and learn from the experts that are in charge of the setup, sound and lighting during the event.

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Lithuanian Children and Youth Center (LCYC) provides opportunities for young people to develop their social and personal skills through music. Musical performance “The Ugly Duckling. A Modern Story” that was created by young people for young people explored the hot topic of bullying in Lithuanian society. Musical performance helped young people to express their views, reach others and gave opportunities for young people to experience different roles in the music industry and gain important organizational skills.

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The Big Music Project, provides young people all over the UK with the skills and experience to forge a career in the music and creative industries. The project offers opportunities for young people aged 14-24 to engage with, and access work placements in the music industry and related professions. The Big Music Project also delivers paid internships and work experience in the music industry across the UK. A major part of the project involves the setting up of 100‘s of music hubs across the UK.

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Youth Cymru is a national organisation in Wales working with its members on various projects including music and creative projects. IntroFest is a co-productive festival run by youth organisations and young people for the wider community. IntroFest creates a space for young people to be creative, perform and inspire other young people to gain an insight into the creative industries. These skills can then be transferred to future careers and education. IntroFest is a family friendly festival providing lots of activities and workshops for young people and adults alike. Youth Cymru’s main partners for this toolkit are Andrew Kent Music Academy (Western Bay Youth Justice and Early Intervention Service) and Georgetown Youth Club (Merthyr Tydfil Youth Service).

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Youth Scotland offers a variety of opportunities, experiences and accreditation pathways across Scotland, and is the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in Scotland. Youth Scotland is the leading Scottish National partner in running The Big Music Project across the country and offers young people, volunteers and workers through its network to be involved with The Big Music Project in partnership with their English counterparts. The project allows young people to design their own music and creative projects at local level, gain accreditation and attend a number of large events across the country to celebrate the work they have been involved.

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Northern Ireland

YouthAction Northern Ireland works with young people across a diverse range of settings, including youth arts, rural youth work, gender-based youth work, and training. One of the key priorities, outlined in their business plan, is to increase the creative expression of young people. This is embodied across all of the work that YouthAction delivers, and particularly through youth arts initiatives. One cornerstone of the youth arts work is YouthAction’s school of performing arts for young people – The Rainbow Factory.

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